Q Cliff Notes

Listen to Q in 100’s of hours of clipped audio sections, all organized by category playlists, on Rumble.  Dive deep into topics and speed up your integration of Q’s teachings.

While clips do not supplement listening to full interviews, they can enhance your understanding of any topic deeply, and rapidly.

How To Use The Rumble Playlists

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Below you will find a list of all Rumble playlists, along with links to each playlist.

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Broad Playlists

All Clips: 100% of captured clips on autoplay

Going Within | Ascension Lessons: All lessons on going within or progressing personal ascension. Examples: Finding/focusing on highest excitements, commands, water charging, food & environment, understanding & removing timelines, maintaining neutrality & bliss, making life changes, T-bars, communicating with Q, etc.

How Things Work: How anything works – space / time, timelines, cording, how spirit comes into a vessel, karma, ascension cycles, mind control, sex, creating duality, our vessels, Source, DNA, reincarnation, etc. etc. etc.

Dark Agenda: ALL clips discussing any kind of dark agenda; providing clips of all subtopics

Sub Category Playlists

Body & Mind Transitions Through Ascension: How your body, mind, emotions, actions etc. are changing as you personally ascend

Creation Lightship | Clearings | Ron Amitron: Creation Lightship, the Creation Lightship website, Clearings, Ron Amitron

Collaboration | Group Manifestation: Discussions of collaboration & group work for manifestation, creation, ascension

Command Guidance | Commands: All advice on doing / creating commands & Q doing commands

Commands With Q: Q doing commands with the audience

Emotions: All about real & manipulated emotions.  What is authentic, what isn’t, & how to get back to authenticity

Food | Herbs | Spices | Healing With Them: Issues with & solutions for food, herbs, spices and healing with them

Good Feels | Inspiration | Harmonics: Clips for inspiration & feeling deeply as well as captured Q songs

Manifestation / Creation: Education on manifesting / creating the reality you desire

Self-Healing: Water & water charging, commands, breath work, cancer, spices, herbs, food, fermentation, HCQ, Nano Soma, marijuana, peace pipes, sacred sexuality, etc.

T-Bars: How & why to make T-Bars

The Future We Want: Discussions & ideas about the future we want to create (not potential negative timelines)

Timelines | Cording: Creating, recognizing, & removing timelines.  Understanding & navigating cording.

Water: All about water and water charging

Water Charing / Programming: How to & why to program / charge water

How Things Work

1,000 1,000 Jesuses: Discussions of the “1,000 1,000 Jesus” model; how light comes in / grows in this ascension cycle

Area 51 | E.B.E. | Airl | The Rescue Mission: Area 51, about E.B.E & Airl & their agendas, Roswell crash, the rescue mission they seeded

Ascension Cycles: Conversations around ascension cycles or this ascension cycle (not personal ascension)

Conscious Gateways: Discussions around conscious gateways / conscious computing

Dreams: All about dreams (not daydreaming)

Duality: What is duality, why is it here, and how to transcend it

Nature | Animals | Mermaids | Other Earth Beings: Discussions of nature, animals, mermaids, and other Earth beings

Q Drops: Explanations of the Q Drops

Q Operation: Discussions of the Q operation & some of it’s main characters, how Q relates to it – past, present events, and future. Includes clips w/ Trump, JFK, JFK jr.

Reincarnation | Karma | Akashic Records: Reincarnation, the reincarnation loop / soul trap – how it works & it’s removal, karma, karmic traps, akashic records

Stargates | Vortices | Portals: Mentions of stargates, vortices, & portals

Sun | Moon: Discussions of the sun or the moon

Time | Space | Universe | Multiverse: Discussions around time, space, our universe, and the multiverse

Who Is Q?: Q’s story of who he is & providing insight into him

Dark Agenda

Alien War | Galactic Federation: Discussions of the, OFF PLANET, alien war & Galactic Federation

Abduction | Mind Control | Cutting & Pasting | Implants: Physical & mind abductions, mind control of any kind, cutting & pasting time, implants, inauthentic & real emotions, lessons on mind energy thought vs “thinking” from heart/spirit.

Cautions: Potential future timelines, events, etc. to take note of

Genetic Engineering | Cloning | DNA: Genetic engineering – how humans were engineered, controlled, who does it, and why. Cloning – how it happens, agendas around it.  DNA – how & why, restrictions it causes, growing out of it.

Healing Outside of Yourself: Med beds, reiki, marijuana & other discussions of healing outside of yourself

Language | Black Magic | Black Magicians: English & language, black magic & black magicians

Med Beds: Mentions of med beds

New Age Propaganda | Channeling | Meditation | etc.: Addressing fallacies in the New Age movement. Discussions of: channeling, meditation, reincarnation, reiki, using mind energy, spirit guides, beings with titles, karma, akashic records, etc.

Religion | Religious Concepts: Discussions around religion or religious concepts (such as sin, heaven, etc.)

Super & Secret Soldiers | The Programs: Super soldiers, secret soldiers and any related programs

Technology: How technology is used in the dark agenda.  Smartphones, video games, CGI, internet, televisions, satellites, etc.


All About Earth: Descriptions of the planet on the surface, inner earth, hollow earth, & beings on/in the planet

Australia: Mentions of Australia

Children | Education: All discussions around children and past, present, and future education

Finance: Coming changes in, and history of, our financial systems from a “dark agenda” and “White Hat” perspective

Jesus & Mary (real & fake): The truth & fiction of Jesus & Mary

History (real & fake): Discussions of real history (of this planet, civilizations, our universe) & dispelling fake history implanted in our education.

Project Review with Q (PRQ): Important PRQ notes, moving forward with PRQ, T-Bars, proformas, project requests, Ocean Trek, advice on highest excitement projects, sovereignty & homesteading

Shape of Earth | Antarctica: Any clips discussing the shape of the planet or Antarctica

Sovereignty | Homesteading: Sovereignty & Homesteading discussions

Truther Resources: People, ForThePeople.Space, websites, etc. Q has addressed in a positive light